What Are Some Online Horse Riding Games?


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Online horse riding games include “Horse Racing Fantasy,” “Pepcid Horse Jumping” and “Horse Show Jumping.” Other horse riding games are “Horse Racing Mania” and “Candy Ride.” The games are available at Y8.com.

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“Horse Racing Fantasy” involves winning a riding competition. Players click to select horses, use the arrow keys, and use the space bar to maneuver and boost their speed. Players who win all levels qualify for the Hall of Fame. “Pepcid Horse Jumping” requires players to help their horses ride through the course and jump hurdles to win trophies and medals. Players use the arrow keys and space bar to move and jump.

In “Horse Show Jumping,” players jump horses over barriers such as fences and walls at a set time frame to score points and win the competition. Players use the arrow keys and space bar to move, accelerate, stop and jump. Flawed jumps result in fault points.

“Horse Racing Mania” requires players to race against animated characters such as Dora and Barbie to score points and win. Players click to select characters and use the left and right arrow keys to move. Players use the space bar to jump and collect symbols. “Candy Ride” involves training a boy to ride a horse on terrains. Players use the arrow keys to move.

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