What Are Some Online Horse Racing Games for Girls?


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Some online horse racing games for girls are "Stay the Distance Horse Racing," "Horse Racing Mania" and "Pony Run." Websites host these games for players to play for free.

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In "Stay the Distance Horse Racing," the player is the jockey of a racehorse trying to win the longest race of the day. The player must navigate her horse around the course and jump over hedges. In addition to navigating the horse, the player must keep up with the amount of energy the horse has left.

"Horse Racing Mania" allows the player to pick her favorite character, such as Barbie or Dora the Explorer. After selecting her horse and jockey, the player runs her horse around the racetrack. She must collect coins and extra energy while jumping over fences and logs to win the race. At the end of each race, she sees her final placing.

With 20 levels available, the player gets the hang of racing a winged horse around the track in "Pony Run." The player chooses among three different horses to race the one she likes best. The player must hold down the mouse to make the pony run forward and let go of it for the pony to fly over the fences.

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