What Are Some Online Haircutting Games?


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Some online haircut games include “Kids Hair Salon” and “Real Haircuts: Rapunzel.” Players control both games using a computer mouse. Since these are free-to-play Flash games, they don't require any downloads.

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In “Kids Hair Salon,” players take control of a salon that specializes in giving haircuts to kids. Players follow the on-screen guide to ensure that the customers get the haircuts they want. They earn money for every customer they help and have a set number of kids they need to attend to every day. If they reach the goal before time is up, they can continue to help other kids until they run out of time. At the end of the in-game day, players are given a score based on how many kids they helped. As they level up, they get more tools to use for styling hair.

“Real Haircuts: Rapunzel” allows players to explore their creative sides. In this game, players don't have guidelines on how they should style Rapunzel's hair. Instead, they get tools with which they can manipulate her hair. They can cut, dye and curl it any way that they want. If the players make mistakes, they can use the hair regrow tonic to make it grow again. After styling her hair, players have the chance to change her clothing and accessories.

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