What Are Some Free Online Games for Two Players?

As of 2015, some free online games for two players include "Punching Desperados," "SpongeBob and Patrick Escape" and "Rat Maze2." These games are available to play on FreeOnlineGames.name.

In "Punching Desperados," two players face off against each other in an effort to punch the most glasses filled with soda or beer. Players need to avoid glasses that are empty or sitting on a block of ice. There is also the chance of hitting either a snail or a pair of boots with wings. The boots help the player move faster while the snail slows the player down.

"SpongeBob and Patrick Escape" finds one player playing as SpongeBob and the other as Patrick. This game features multiple levels of game play. Players must solve problems to escape each level, such as flipping a switch or pressing a button. They also need to climb and jump to different levels to reach the escape location without hitting their heads too often.

"Rat Maze2" requires the players to run their rats through a maze collecting food. However, the rat moves very quickly, and players must slow it down before arriving at food. Larger pieces of food leave crumbs behind that the rat can also eat.