What Are Some Online Games That Have to Do With Surgery?


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Online games that have to do with surgery include “Operate Now: Tonsil Surgery,” “Dora The Leg Surgery” and “Ingrown Toenail Surgery.” Other surgery games are “Elsa Frozen Brain Surgery,” “Doctor Frankenstein” and “Elsa’s Stomach Virus.” The games are available at Y8.com.

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“Operate Now: Tonsil Surgery” involves playing doctor to perform tonsil surgery on a boy by clicking and dragging on step-by-step instructions consisting of medical terms and instruments. “Dora The Leg Surgery” involves operating on Dora the Explorer's knee. Players click and drag on pictorial instructions to perform the procedure.

“Ingrown Toenail Surgery” involves learning the method and medical tools used in removing an ingrown toenail. Players click and drag on the detailed pictorial and text instructions to operate on the toe. “Elsa Frozen Brain Surgery” requires players to perform a magical surgery on Elsa that consists of removing bizarre things and reactivating dead snowflakes on the brain. Players click and drag on pictorial instructions to operate.

“Doctor Frankenstein” involves creating the Frankenstein monster. Players use the arrow keys to move through a cemetery maze and click to collect body parts. They attach the parts to the monster’s body and also dress the monster after bringing it to life. “Elsa’s Stomach Virus” involves performing a short stomach surgery on Elsa to remove viruses by clicking and dragging on the screen instructions and dressing her up afterwards for her sister’s engagement party.

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