What Are Some Free Online Games in Spanish?


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Some of the most popular free online games offered in Spanish at MiniJuegos.com are "Ice Cream Racing," "Monster Frontier," "Solitaire Quest: Klondike" and "Gladiators Online." Spanish speakers can also play free online Spanish games such as "Los Picapiedras" and "Mucha Lucha" at JuegosFlasheros.com.

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Other popular flash games available with Spanish translations on MiniJuegos.com include "King of Towers," "Desert Operations," "Fishao" and "Mafia Battle." In contrast with MiniJuegos.com, JuegosFlasheros.com offers a much larger selection of native Spanish flash games online for free, such as "Super Soldados" and "Elfmeter Pokal." However, JuegosFlasheros.com offers no language support or translations for speakers of any language other than Spanish, making it ill-suited for multilingual gamers. JuegosFlasheros.com also lacks many community or social-oriented games and features that are common to most online gaming community websites.

Unlike JuegosFlasheros.com, MiniJuegos.com includes many community or multiplayer-oriented Spanish flash games in their selection, and its website contains a forum for user discussions and social networking. The MiniJuegos website can also serve content in both English and Spanish, making it especially suited to bilingual speakers. Gamers on MiniJuegos.com can also accumulate virtual "gems" and earn achievement commendations for their gameplay. Gamers can later use these gems and commendations to receive bonuses in certain flash games as well as to access special features on the MiniJuegos website.

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