What Are Some Online Games With Snowmobiles?


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"Snowmobile Racing Game" and "Ice Bike" are some fun snowmobile games available to play online for free. These Flash-based games require the use of the direction keys to move the snowmobiles forward and accelerate.

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In "Snowmobile Racing Game," the players select a level of difficulty from normal to expert and play 10 different levels. As the players advance through the levels, they get to select the type of snowmobile that they want to use to race with during each round. The players face off against two opponents. During each race, the players must avoid obstacles, such as rocks, fallen tree branches and snowmen. The players need to pick up enough speed to get up the hills and over the obstacles, but if they go too fast they can flip their snowmobiles over and lose the game.

"Ice Bike" is a snowmobile game where players get to try their hand on a variety of racetracks. At the start of each round, the players select the course that they want to race on for the round. Once the players begin the round, a stopwatch tracks how long it takes the players to complete the track. At the bottom of the screen, a picture of the track allows the player to see how much of the track is left.

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