What Are Some Free Online Games That Kids Can Play?


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Some free online games that kids can play include “Bloons Tower Defense 5” and “Learn to Fly 2.” Both of these games are available for free on arcade websites such as kongregate.com.

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“Bloons Tower Defense 5” is a strategy game in which the players must place dart towers on a map to pop bloons before they reach the exit. Players start off with a limited amount of money to buy towers, but they earn money for popping bloons and successfully clearing each stage. Players have to choose between spending their money on buying new towers or upgrading the ones that they already put on the map. They use a computer mouse to buy, upgrade and place towers.

In “Learn to Fly 2,” players take control of a penguin that wants revenge on the iceberg that stopped it from flying in the first game. They use the arrow keys and space bar on a computer keyboard to control the penguin during flight. The farther that the penguin flies each round, the more reward money the players earn. They use this money to upgrade the penguin with rockets, gliders and larger ramps to help it fly farther. Besides the basic story mode, this game features classic and arcade modes.

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