What Are Some Online Games That Feature Kung Fu Panda?


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A few online games that feature Po, the Kung Fu Panda, include "Super Brawl 3," "Paw Some Panda" and "Protect The Valley." These games are part of the Nickelodeon website and are free to play.

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The game "Super Brawl 3" features characters from many of Nickelodeon's most popular cartoons, including Po, SpongeBob Squarepants and The Fairly Oddparents. The players chooses a character and battles against a cast of villains, also from Nickelodeon shows. In the game "Paw Some Panda," players help Po train in a first person style game. Finally, "Protect The Valley" tasks players with choosing a story to participate in. Once the player is given a goal, the player controls Po and fights through minions in a side-scrolling game to complete the objective.

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