Which Online Games Are Not Blocked by Websense?


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According to WebSense, it reviews and tests millions of websites every hour, and as a result, there is no official list of online games that work with it. Even online games that worked in the past stand a chance of being blocked by WebSense in the near future. This is why WebSense is used in the workplace and at schools to keep Internet users productive and away from harmful material.

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Tech-FAQ claims that there are ways of bypassing WebSense altogether. One way of doing this is known as HTTP Tunneling. These are programs that allow users to access otherwise restricted websites. Most of these programs also come with options to help users destroy their Windows activity and browser history.

Another way to bypass WebSense is to use a web-based proxy site, according to Tech-FAQ. When using a web-based proxy site, WebSense sees the user browsing the proxy site instead of the actual website that they are viewing. This misleads WebSense and anyone who is looking at a user's online activity. Web proxies can bypass WebSense because of the “S” in HTTP addresses, which stands for a secure connection. WebSense does not block secured connections, so making this bypass is one of the easiest ways to get around the software.

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