Which Online Games Are Based on Junie B. Jones Books?


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"Junie B. Jones Food Fight" and "Junie B.'s Valentine Mix-Up" are some online games are based on Junie B. Jones books. Players can play these games for free at JunieBJones.com.

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In "Junie B. Jones Food Fight," players throw spoonfuls of tuna at their classmates. Players must make a certain number of hits to advance to the next level. However, if the players hit an adult instead of a student, they lose three of their hits.

"Junie B.'s Valentine Mix-Up" is a matching game. The players must click on two hearts at a time to see the pictures underneath. If the pictures match, the hearts disappear. If they do not match, the players select more hearts. Players need to help Junie by clearing all the hearts off of her Valentine's Day cards.

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