What Are Some Online Games Available at Coolmath Games?

Some online games available at Coolmath-Games.com include "Papa's Cheeseria" and "The Sun for the Vampire." Both of these games are available to play for free as 2016.

In "Papa's Cheeseria," players run their own restaurants, and the featured meal is grilled cheese sandwiches. Players are responsible for taking orders, making the sandwiches and handing out the food. Players must select the correct types of bread, cheese, meat and toppings for each sandwich and then cook it at the correct temperature.

As the game progresses, players receive additional types of bread, cheeses and toppings. There are even seasonal additions. Players use the tips that they receive to decorate the restaurant and add improvements. There are mini-games between each round to earn additional money and decorative items.

"The Sun for the Vampire" lets players explore a castle to locate a wizard that can turn them human. It's up to each player to avoid guards and other dangers. After completing necessary tasks, the player can turn into a bat by using the up arrow and fly around the castle more quickly. Players must collect coins and keys to move on to the next level.

There are some challenges, such as levers that open gates for passage and block wooden stakes. Each level only takes a few minutes to play, and players can restart any level they fail.