What Are Some Online Driving Games?


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Online driving games include “US Driving Test,” “Unreal Bus Driving” and “Jungle War Driving.” “Jeep Pro Parking” and “Cars 2 Driving” are also driving games. The games are available at Y8.com.

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“US Driving Test” requires players to carefully drive on the road and pass the driving and writing tests. Players click the mouse on the answers to the writing test questions and use the arrow keys to drive through traffic in a set time frame to score points.

“Unreal Bus Driving” involves unrealistic bus movements, such as jumping, to avoid collision with other vehicles. Players make the bus jump by clicking when a vehicle approaches it and score points after a successful jump. “Jungle War Driving” requires players to drive and crash obstacles to score points. Players use the arrow keys to move, crash and collect money on their way to the helicopter.

“Jeep Pro Parking” requires players to follow arrows on the screen to carefully park the jeep at the designated spaces before time runs out by pressing the arrow keys and space bar to move and use brakes. “Cars 2 Driving” involves the movie character “Lightning McQueen” competing to win the World Grand Prix. Players score points by using the arrow keys to move and collect bubbles.

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