What Are Some Online Disney Games That Are Appropriate for Toddlers?


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Disney games that are appropriate for toddlers include “Mousekespotter,” “Goofy’s Silly Slide” and “It’s Tea Time.” Toddlers can also enjoy “Tigger’s Jump Rope” and “Go Bananas!” games.

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“Mousekespotter” requires players to use an instrument that spots things. Players click to select a level and to spot the items mentioned by Mickey Mouse. The game helps toddlers learn about shapes and colors. “Goofy’s Silly Slide” involves creating and trying out slides. Players click to choose a level and the sequence of shapes to create their slides. They finish by clicking on a button for watching Mickey and friends trying out the slides.

“It’s Tea Time” requires players to help “Sofia The First” match enchanted tea sets before teatime. Players click to select a level, teapots and the rest of the matching pieces. They earn gems after successfully completing each level. Toddlers learn about colors, shapes and names of items featured in this interactive game.

“Tigger’s Jump Rope” requires players to help Tigger jump over the rope as many times as possible. Players click repeatedly to score the points needed to proceed to the next level before time runs out. “Go Bananas!” involves helping Jake gather as many bananas as he can. Players use the left and right arrow keys to move and collect the bananas before the time expires.

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