What Are Some Online Dinosaur Survival Games?


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Some online dinosaur survival games include “The Last Dinosaur” and “Survival Game With Dinosaurs.” Both of these games are free to play and are available at Purely-Games.com and Dinosaurux, respectively.

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In “The Last Dinosaur,” players take control of the last dinosaur on Earth and must survive as long as possible while dodging asteroids. They move the dinosaur left or right using the arrow keys on a computer keyboard. Pressing the space par makes the dinosaur jump into the air.

The main objective in “The Last Dinosaur” is to get a high score. Players earn two points for every three seconds that they stay alive. They earn 20 points for jumping over asteroids and 60 points for walking around the entire plant without turning back. Bonus points are awarded for jumping over multiple asteroids at a time. At the end of the game, players can see how many times they circled the globe, how long they survived and how many asteroids they jumped over.

In “Survivor Game With Dinosaurs,” players take control of a male or female human and shoot dinosaurs to survive as long as possible and to earn money and experience points. They use the money to upgrade their guns or buy health in between stages. In this game, the character is always moving forward. Using the up, left and down arrow keys, players can shoot behind them to ward off dinosaurs.

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