What Are the Best Online Dinosaur Games?


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Some of the best online dinosaur games include “Battle of the Giants: Dinosaurs,” “Dino Storm” and “Dinosaur Zookeeper.” The games range from fighting games to role-playing and strategy games, and all three game types are available to play for free online.

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What Are the Best Online Dinosaur Games?
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“Battle of the Giants: Dinosaurs” is a classic 2D fighting game in the vein of “Street Fighter” or “Mortal Kombat.” Players first create a dinosaur, choosing from a wide range of customization options, including species, color and accessories. Players then control their dinosaurs as they battle against a variety of other opponents. Earthquakes and volcanoes provide other obstacles for players to avoid while fighting.

“Dino Storm” is a unique multiplayer role-playing game that puts players in a world combining the Old West and the prehistoric era. Players take on the roles of cowboys in an environment filled with outlaws, lawmen and dinosaurs. The game offers hundreds of different quests, surprisingly advanced graphics, the ability to raise and ride dinosaurs and a sophisticated fame system through which players can improve their in-game reputations.

“Dinosaur Zookeeper” is a strategy game similar to “Theme Park” or “Sim City.” Players take the role of a zookeeper at a dinosaur park, caring for animals and keeping patrons safe from dinosaurs. The game also features a variety of different dinosaurs and usable items.

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