What Are Some Online Curious George Games?

What Are Some Online Curious George Games?

Online “Curious George” games include “Day at the Beach,” “Secret Agent George” and “George’s Hearts and Crafts.” “I Love Shapes,” “Super Bouncy Blast Off” and “Monkey Faces” are also good "Curious George" online games.

“Day at the Beach” involves making sand castles by clicking on shapes and helping George mix the right amount of sand and water to fill up the shapes. The player completes the game by building and decorating the castles.

“Secret Agent George” requires the player to help George shop by using the five senses to identify items. The player clicks to help George move or jump secretly to collect the mentioned items and then make the payments.

“George’s Hearts and Crafts” involves helping George create heart shapes to make cards for friends. The player clicks and drags the correct pieces to fit. “I Love Shapes” requires the player to sort out and collect shapes of different colors by clicking or using arrow keys to move George from one seat to the next.

“Super Bouncy Blast Off” involves estimating the number of balls that fall from the rocket after the blast off. The correct number is revealed after moving the mouse left and right to collect the balls. “Monkey Faces” requires the player to solve a picture puzzle by clicking and dragging the pieces to where they fit.