What Are Some Online Ben 10 Games?


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"Ben 10 Ultimate Motor,” “Ben 10 Car Chase” and “Ben 10 Cave Adventure” are online Ben 10 games available at Y8.com. “Ben 10 Ice Skates” and “Ben 10 Robot Invasion” are also online games.

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“Ben 10 Ultimate Motor” involves helping Ben 10 complete challenge tracks safely. Players get three attempts to win before the game ends. They press the arrow keys to move forward, backward and tilt the motorbike.

“Ben 10 Car Chase” requires players to help Ben 10 destroy aliens disguised as humans by crushing the aliens’ cars. Players use the arrow keys and space bar to move and use brakes. They hit the cars from the side and collect Omniverse signs to boost the energy levels.

“Ben 10 Cave Adventure” involves destroying monsters in a cave and collecting green bubbles to score points. Players use the arrow keys and space bar to move, jump and shoot, and the backspace key to activate the jet pack. “Ben 10 Ice Skates” requires players to collect devices while skating to score points. Players press the arrow keys and space bar to move and jump.

“Ben 10 Robot Invasion” involves helping Ben 10 destroy invading robots to save the world. Players press letter and number keys to move, jump, boost energy levels and change weapons. They use the mouse to aim at a target and click to shoot.

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