How Does One Use a Peg Loom?


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Using a peg loom is a multi-step process that begins with selecting a yarn, selecting the proper holes, cutting and folding threads and then starting to weave. Before starting to weave, one must properly set up the looms for the project at hand. All pegs on the bottom of the loom have small loops that are used to hold threads and keep them in place, which ensures that the project has the appropriate width and texture.

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The pegs on peg looms serve as reference points and are used to help people set the outermost dimensions of their projects. The outermost peg used should mark the widest point of the piece, and the top pegs should also establish the maximum height. After setting proper spaces with pegs, weavers should cut and size the piece of fabric according to the project dimensions. For this, threads should be cut long enough to create fringe and have extra room for the shrinking that occurs with post-project washing. Weavers should then select the holes based on how loose or tight they want their pieces to be. Using holes farther apart creates softer and looser pieces, while compact holes create tight pieces for items, such as rugs. Weaving can then begin. Individuals can accomplish this by twisting and looping thread around in alternating patterns.

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