What Does One Need in Order to Knit a Cowl Neck Scarf?


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To knit a cowl neck scarf, two skeins of bulky weight yarn are needed, with a total length of approximately 300 yards. Knitting a cowl neck scarf also requires a US size 13 30-inch circular needle, a knitting needle, a place marker and a stitch counter.

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To knit the cowl neck scarf, use a seed stitch pattern. Using this beginner stitch pattern works the scarf up quickly. Start by casting on 131 stitches, using the circular needle. Join the round, and place the marker. On the first row, alternate between knit one and purl one across the entire row. On the second row, alternate between purl one and knit one across the row. Keep alternating between two rows until the scarf measures 15 inches from the beginning. To finish the scarf, bind off all the stitches loosely. A larger needle can be used if necessary. Trim the working yarn, leaving a 5-inch tail. To finish the project, weave the ends into the scarf using the knitting needle.

As the cowl neck scarf is a round pattern knitted with the circular needle, seams are not an issue. Cowl neck scarves are pulled over the head and are a perfect project for a beginner knitter.

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