How Does One Make Paper Poms for Rooms?

How Does One Make Paper Poms for Rooms?

Paper pom-poms are an easy decorative item to make by folding tissue paper and securing it with a wire. For each pom-pom, you will need scissors, floral wire, ribbon and six to 10 sheets of tissue paper.

  1. Fold the tissue paper

    Unfold each sheet of tissue paper and layer them on a flat surface. You can use a single color of paper or multiple colors for a varied effect. Alternating different colors makes stripes, and using different shades of one color gives a floral look. Fold the stack of tissue paper sheets width-wise in accordion folds.

  2. Cut the ends

    Using scissors, cut both ends of the folded tissue paper. You can cut the ends into points or curves depending on how you want the finished pom-pom to look.

  3. Secure the paper

    Wrap floral wire around the center of the folded paper several times to secure it. If you want to hang the pom-pom when it is finished, attach a length of string or ribbon to the wire.

  4. Finish the pom-pom

    Starting at the top of the paper stack, gently pull apart each layer of tissue from end to center. Once each layer has been separated, fluff and shape the tissue into a sphere. You can hang the finished pom-poms as decorations or use them as centerpieces on top of a table.