How Does One Make an Nurse's Paper Hat Out of Origami Paper?


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A nurse's paper hat can be easily created out of a piece of origami paper with nothing more than a tear and a few simple folds. "Ori" means to fold, and "gami" means paper in Japanese and, therefore, Origami is the Japanese art of making objects out of folded paper. Traditionally, animals and toys are made out of origami paper projects.

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First, take the square origami paper and tear off on end of the paper so that the final shape is a rectangle. Then, place the paper in front of you horizontally so that the long-side is facing you, and fold it and unfold it in half. Take the top corners of the origami paper and fold it towards the middle to create the top portion of the hat.

Below the triangular portion of the hat, there should be a little bit of space so that there are two flaps. These flaps can be folded up, one in front of the hat's triangle and one behind, so that when the center of the hat is opened up, it can easily sit on anyone's head. Due to the small size of origami paper, this hat is generally small for an adult, put can be used on children, pets and toys.

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