How Does One Make a Cord Rosary?


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Cord rosaries are simple religious accessories that can be made with just a few tools, including cord, a ruler or measuring tape, scissors, a specialized wrapping tool called a cord tool and a small crucifix that will be attached to the finished product. The person making the cord rosary will cut a length of cord (typically about 63 inches) and, using the cord tool, will tie strong and somewhat elaborate knots to form the iconic y-shape of the rosary. Beads and other embellishments may be added.

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Very simple cord rosaries can be made with a knotted center, but a slight embellishment can be added to this center point in the form of a center piece bead featuring an image of the Madonna and Child or another religious icon. Depending on which method will be used, those who are making the cord rosary will want to approach the project in a slightly different manner. Overall, though, the techniques are the same no matter what shape the rosary will take in the end. The cord tool is round, but it has a groove carved in to allow the rosary maker to slide the end of the cord through in order to make a knot. Other tools that look similar but lack this groove should not be used.

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