How Does One Make a Birdhouse Out of Ice Pop Sticks?


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A birdhouse can be assembled out of ice pop sticks by organizing them in an alternating pattern until a cube is created. A roof can be added and an ice pop stick can be placed out of an opening as a perch for birds to sit on. This project should be done using ice pop sticks that are notched and intended for craft use.

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How Does One Make a Birdhouse Out of Ice Pop Sticks?
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The ice pop sticks should be placed together in a square pattern with the notches latching on to each other. The original square can be built on by building more squares on top of it and aligning all of the notches in a way that allows it to stick together. The ice pop sticks that are used in the vertical center of the birdhouse can be broken in half to make them shorter, allowing an opening for the birds to enter the birdhouse. The roof should be assembled using ice pop sticks that do not have notches and should be glued on to the top of the housing structure. A single ice pop stick should be glued to the bottom of the opening. The house structure can be painted to reach a desired color, but birds prefer natural colors as opposed to ones that are not seen in nature.

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