How Does One Make an Angel Costume?


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For an easy angel costume, one should wear a white dress, cut angel wings out of poster board and attach it to the back of the dress and wear a halo made out of gold-colored pipe cleaners. If one does not have a white dress, it is easy to make one out of a piece of white fabric or even a white sheet.

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One should initially gather all of the supplies before embarking on the creation of the costume. An angel costume needs a white dress or tunic, cardboard or poster board for the wings and gold pipe cleaners for the halo. White paint might be necessary to paint the cardboard wings and glitter is perfect for decorating them. One can use a headband to secure the halo, if needed.

One first should trace wings onto the cardboard or poster board and cut them out, then decorate with silver glitter. Attach the wings to the dress with hot glue. If a white dress is not available, one can make a tunic-style dress out of a piece of white fabric. He or she simply wraps the fabric around the body and secures with safety pins.

To make the halo, form the pipe cleaners into a circle and attach to a straight length of pipe cleaners. The final step is to attach the halo to the headband with hot glue.

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