Where Does One Locate Dual Image Photographs?


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Dual image photographs, more commonly known as optical illusions, can be found through several online databases such as the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and Optics for Kids. Optical illusions are commonly used as teaching devices to help children understand how their brain can create different images from the same picture.

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There are hundreds of optical illusions that can be found online. Each illusion has the potential to create more than one image in the pictures, depending on who is looking at it. The following list describes some of the more popular choices in double photographs.

  • Color Illusion
  • Color Blind
  • Kaniza Triangle
  • My Wife and My Mother-in-law
  • The Box and the Sphere
  • Gradients

Optics for Kids is a website founded through the Optical Society. It focuses on providing the necessary tools required to teach children how a brain functions. Optics for Kids features an online database that houses several optical illusions that can be viewed online.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH) focuses more on the well-being of the environment. However, the website does supply the tools to help children understand the brain and how it can perceive the same picture differently. The website hosts several links to common optical illusions, such as the famous "Elephant" and "Circles" pictures.

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