How Does One Knit a Long, Thin Scarf?


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A long and thin knit scarf can be made by knitting a few rows of stitches and repeating until the rows reach the desired length of the scarf. For a simple long knit scarf, no other stitches should be used.

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The number of rows that are completed is dependent on how thick the finished product will be. A fewer number of rows will make a thinner scarf, but it is generally recommended that around 12 rows of knit stitches be completed to give the scarf the desired look. A thicker weight yarn will require only around eight knit stitches to reach a reasonable thickness.

After casting on and creating the number of stitches in the row for the desired width of the scarf, the length of the scarf can be worked on. A longer scarf will be able to be wrapped around the neck several times and can give a thicker layered look. A shorter scarf is often easier to handle, but cannot be wrapped as many times. One should be sure that the scarf is the desired length before tying off. A fringe can be added to the scarf by using small pieces of the same or complementing yarn on the ends.

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