How Does One Knit Baby Booties?


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Baby booties can be knitted by first creating a ribbed cuff for the boots; the feet and the bottoms of the boots can then be knitted onto the original cuff of the boot. A tie made out of a coordinating piece of yarn can be added to the cuff of the booties.

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How Does One Knit Baby Booties?
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A sport yarn and four size 2 or 3 needles should be used to create baby booties. These booties will fit a newborn and will require less than one skein of yarn. At least two pairs can be created out of one skein. To make the cuffs, 34 stitches should be made and 24 rounds should be created around the cast on. The pattern for stitching is knit one and pearl one. The yarn should then be divided for the instep of the booties. The first needle will have 11 stitches, the second will have 12 stitches and the third will have 11 stitches. The fourth needle can then be added to help weave together the rest of the sets of the booties. This can be done to create the instep. The bottom of the booties can then be stitched flat and can be sewn onto the instep.

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