How Does One Build a Homemade Bean Bag Toss?


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To build a bean bag toss, one needs 3/4-inch pieces for the tops, four 2-inch-by-4inch boards with 8 feet of length, four 3/8-inch-by-4-inch hex bolts, eight 3/8-inch flat washers and eight 3/8-inch lock nuts. The 2-by-4s must be ripped down to 1 1/2-inch-by-3-inch dimensions.

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How Does One Build a Homemade Bean Bag Toss?
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The boards' tops should be 24 inches by 48 inches, the side rails should be 48 inches long and the end rails should be 21 inches long. The legs also need to be built. This is done by using 2-by-4s that are 9 9/16 long, with a 1 1/2-inch round end. The other ends need to be a slant cut at 27 degrees.

For the assembly, one must measure 3/4 inch from the ends of the side rails and then drill centered pilot holes for the deck screws, then gluing and screwing the corners together, making sure they are square and even. One must then place the top on, screwing pilot holes around the perimeter, gluing and screwing the top on and then countersinking the screw heads of the 1 5/8-inch deck screws so they can be filled with wood putty. Once everything dries, a hole can be cut 9 inches from the top and should be aligned in the center. This can be done with a jigsaw, plunge router or zipsaw. One then needs to drill 3/8-inch holes in the side rails 3 9/16 inches from the top and then attach the legs with hex bolts and double nuts. The finished boxes can be sanded, painted and designed to one's liking. Homemade bean bags can be sown and filled with dried beans.

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