How Do You Find Old Vintage Catalogs?


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Vintage catalogs are now available online on various sites including WishBookWeb.com, RadioShackCatalogs.com and ForrestLandersCentral.Typepad.com. These sites give collectors and hobbyists access to catalogs dating as far back as 1933, allowing them the opportunity to see listings and prices over the last eight decades.

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Wishbook Web runs the vintage Christmas catalog archive project, which features online Christmas catalogs published between 1933 and 1988. Each catalog shows an image of the catalog when it was printed and the year it was published. Clicking on a specific catalog’s link allows the visitor to view the entire contents of the catalog. Each listing also shows the number of pages in each catalog. Pages range from below 100 to more than 600.

RadioShackCatalogs.com offers catalogs that date as far back as 1939. Visitors need Adobe Flash or a Web browser to view the catalogs. Visitors can see the very first catalog that Radio Shack released in 1939, which showcases radio and electronic equipment sound systems, service parts and communication supplies. As of 2016, the most recent in-store catalog in the collection is dated 2011.

ForrestLandersCentral.Typepad.com provides a collection of old catalogs from different stores and years. The latest catalog available for viewers is the 1949 Candy Salesman’s Catalog, which is free to view and download.

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