Are Old Revell Model Kits Still Available?


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According to the Revell website, people often buy old Revell models from places such as garage sales, collector's shops and online auction sites, but Revell themselves do not sell old model kits and may not have parts from old kits in stock. Revell suggests contacting a collector on an online forum to find old parts and model kits.

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Are Old Revell Model Kits Still Available?
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Revell is a well-known miniature model company that began in 1943. The company started out by selling miniature train sets and toy Ford Model-Ts, but it has since grown to sell a large variety of different models, including planes, ships and cities. Revell was bought by the company Hobbico in 2007, and it continues to be an iconic company in the world of miniature models.

Because of Revell's popularity and the historical value that many of the models have, a large community of Revell model collectors has emerged. Some models were only sold for short periods of time, which makes certain kits valuable to collectors around the world. For anyone looking to obtain old Revell model kits , these online collector forums or old hobby shops are the best place to look. Similarly, old kits are sold on online auction sites, but if these kits are missing parts or damaged Revell may not be able to send replacement parts.

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