Do Old Record Albums Have Any Resale Value?

The resale value of a vinyl record depends on the condition and rarity of the record as well as the general demand for it. While some records are worth small fortunes, many others have a resale value of less than $1.

One of the most valuable albums for resale is The Beatles "Yesterday and Today" but only if it has the original baby doll cover. It's rarity is a result of the album being recalled and then re-released with a new album cover. The condition of the record is considered the most important metric for a rare record's resale value. If the album is in poor condition and cannot be played, it has a greatly reduced value. Vinyl records have a grading system called the Goldmine Standard, which defines condition. Mint records have the most value. General interest can also affect the value of a record. The resale market may value disco records simply because there is a larger interest in disco currently. That can shift to a different genre in another year.