Which Site Has the Best Old-Fashioned Quilts for Sale?


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The site that has the best old fashioned quilts for sale is Bellwether Dry Goods. Bellwether practices hand-appliqued techniques including attaching quilt tops to their backing with hand stitches.

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Bellwether, which is based in Lothian, near Annapolis, Md., was set up by a married couple, Richard and Georgina Fries. They sell various quilts that have 19th and early 20th century designs. One good example is "Feedback Heroes," which has the patriotic colors of blue, white and red. "Depression Sea Glass," which has a myriad of colors, and "Columbia Pinwheel," a Civil War reproduction with various colors can be found on the Bellwether Dry Goods' online gallery. These and other handmade quilts are on sale as of early March 2015.

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