What Are Some Old-Fashioned Games for School Kids to Play at Recess?


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Old-fashioned games for school kids to play at recess include Cat's Cradle, Cup and Ball, Jacks, Pick-up Sticks and Tiddlywinks. They all can be played indoors andrequire simple equipment.

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Cat's Cradle is a finger and string game, and might have arrived in Europe in the 17th century from Asia. It involves a loop of string or cord 6 feet long for two players to create different combinations of the cord's intersections. Cup and Ball, one of the most popular American games of old, is played with a little device that consists of an eggcup-shaped receptacle and a ball tied to the handle of the cup with a string. The player swings the ball up and tries to catch it with the cup.

Jacks calls for speed and hand-eye coordination. Players bounce a small ball.While the ballis in the air, the players perform operations with small objects such as stones, seeds and bones. The player is supposed to pick up one, two, three jacks at each new turn. In Pick-Up Sticks, players try to pull long sticks out of a pile of them without collapsing the pile. Whoever collects themost sticks wins. Tiddlywinks involves flipping small coins, such as pennies, with the help of another coin into a circle.

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