What Are Some Old Atari Games?


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Some old Atari games are "Adventure," "Asteroids," "Battlezone," "Centipede" and "Crystal Castles." Others include "Gravitar," "Lunar Lander," "Millipede," "Missile Command" and "Yars' Revenge." These games are available to play on IGN.com.

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What Are Some Old Atari Games?
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"Asteroids" is one of the most iconic old Atari games. This game involves piloting a spaceship and shooting asteroids to break them apart before they can crush the ship. When an asteroid touches the spaceship, the player loses a life. The player gains points for every asteroid she shoots. The game also includes flying saucers, which fire back at the player. Atari released this game in 1979.

"Centipede" is a shooting game that was released in 1981 by Atari. In this game, the player is represented by an elf-like creature at the bottom of the screen. The aim of the game is to shoot invading spiders, scorpions and fleas before eventually killing the centipede. Players use the controls to move the character left and right along the bottom of the screen and fire laser shots. Shooting the centipede creates a mushroom and can also cause the centipede to split into sections, each of which travels independently. The player loses a life if hit by an enemy. "Millipede," released in 1982, is the sequel to this game.

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