What Are Some Old 78 Records?


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Some records released at the 78 rounds per minute speed include "All Shook Up" by Elvis Presley, "M&O Blues" by Willie Brown and "Quite a Party" by The Fireballs. While not all 78 RPM records are valuable, some collectors seek out blues and jazz recordings from nearly a century ago, or rare releases of Beatles songs.

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Manufacturers made the first 78 RPM records in the late 1890s. Some of the earliest forms of 78 records were made of wax or an old form of plastic called Amberol. Although the materials and size of the records changed over the decades, manufacturers continued to make 78s all the way into the 1970s, resulting in a countless number of records released at this speed. Many early country, jazz or rhythm and blues artists released their albums in this format; some have never been re-released at any other speed, making them quite rare and occasionally valuable among collectors. Some popular artists of the 1950s and 1960s released songs in the 78 format, such as the Beatles, Eddie Cochran and The Coasters. As 45 and 33 RPM recordings became more popular, 78s became less dominant. By the 1970s, most of the 78 RPM records made were recordings for children.

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