How Do You Oil a Hammond Organ?


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Individuals should annually oil the parts of a Hammond organ according to model-specific instructions using only Hammond oil. There are typically multiple places on the motor assembly and tone generator that must be oiled.

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The Hammond organ is an electric organ invented by Laurens Hammond in 1934. It uses a capillary oiling system that requires specially formulated Hammond oil. Hammond consoles with two power switches have three places to oil. The first is a tub on the motor assembly that contains felt saturated with oil, followed by two funnels on the tone generator. If the console has only one switch, the tone generator oiling is the same, but the motor assembly has two small cups with spring-loaded caps that must be oiled.

Hammond spinets with two power switches have three cups for oil on the motor/generator assembly cover. Spinets with a single switch have two oil cups on the tone generator and two oil cups with spring-loaded caps on the motor. Consumers should take care to avoid over-oiling.

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