What Are the Official Rules for Playing Farkle?

To play Farkle, players roll six dice and tally up scores based on matching numbers on the dice rolls. This game only requires six dice, a pencil and a piece of paper to play, and its simplicity allows for a larger number of participants than other games.

First, the group chooses a scorekeeper. Then, every player rolls one die, trying to determine the turn order. Matching dice are rolled again until the tie is broken. Each player takes a turn rolling all six dice from a dice cup, picking up any dice that are not worth points and rolling them until matches are made. If none of the dice are worth any points on a given roll, then a player has Farkled and loses all of his accumulated points as well as his turn. This is avoided by ending a turn early, making this party game a game of risk and reward.

The amount of points increases according to how high the numbers roll as well as how many of the numbers match. The highest possible point total for a Farkle roll is all the same number, a six of a kind, totaled at 3,000 points. A player wins when they have accumulated 10,000 points and no one can beat his point total on the last turn sequence.