What Are the Official Rules of Monopoly?

What Are the Official Rules of Monopoly?


Official rules of Monopoly include users buying property spaces they land on or letting them be auctioned, abiding by rules of other spaces they land on such as Chance, Community Chest and Income Tax, or paying other players when landing on their property. The game requires two or more players.

The game begins with players being given $1500 by the bank. Future money is earned by passing "Go" on the board, collecting money from Community Chest or Chance cards, or receiving rent from players. On their turn, players roll two dice and move their piece the number of spaces indicated by the dice. If they land on a property space, they can buy it at cost or let it be auctioned, in which case the property will go to the highest bid from a player.

If players own an entire color group of property, they can charge other players twice the amount of the printed rental cost. They may also now build houses and hotels on those properties, and rent will now be the printed amount for the property with the corresponding houses or hotels. Houses must be bought and placed on one unimproved property at a time, and up to four houses can ultimately be placed on each one before a hotel can be bought. This replaces the four houses, and only one hotel is allowed per property.

Players can sell houses and hotels back to the bank at one half of their purchase price. They may also mortgage properties to the bank and receive the printed mortgage price. No rent can be collected until the owner pays the mortgage cost plus ten percent. No properties can be mortgaged that have houses or hotels on them until they have been sold. Mortgaged properties, along with non-mortgaged properties, can be sold to other players at any agreed-upon price. However, other players will have to pay the ten percent extra along with mortgage cost to collect rent on the property. No properties part of a monopoly (where a user holds all of the corresponding colored spaces) can be sold to any player until the houses and/or hotels are removed.

Players may be sent to jail by landing on a space, getting certain cards or rolling doubles three turns in a row. They can only be freed from jail by rolling doubles on one of their next three turns, playing a "get out of jail free" card or paying $50 to be released. Players must pay the fee if they are not freed yet by the end of their third turn.

The game is over for a player when he is out of money and owes either a player or the bank. The bankrupt player must give everything of value he has to either the player or bank that he owes, and he must sell houses and hotels for half of their cost and give it to the person he now owes.