What Are the Official Rules of Checkers?


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The official rules of checkers state that each player may move a piece diagonally once per turn. A player may only make a single move unless he makes a capturing move, also known as a jump. The game ends when one player can no longer make a move.

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What Are the Official Rules of Checkers?
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Checkers is played on a game board that has 64 squares with an alternating pattern of dark and light squares. The board should be set up so that each player has a light square in the right corner closest to them. Each player sets up his pieces on the 12 closest dark squares. The player with black pieces moves first, and the turns alternate between the two players.

The pieces move diagonally, only onto dark squares and only forward. A player can move one piece per turn, and that piece can make a single move, unless it makes a capturing move. Multiple capturing moves are allowed on a single turn. Captured pieces are removed from the board. If a player can make a capture, that player must do so. If multiple capture moves can be made, the player may choose between them.

If a piece reaches the furthest row from the player it belongs to, it becomes a king. A king has a captured piece placed on top of it, doubling its height. Kings may move diagonally both forward and backward.

When one player can no longer make a move, the other player wins the game.

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