What Are the Official Basic Rules for "Bunco"?


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Bunco is a dice game for 12 people in which players roll dice hoping to get a specific number or three dice showing the same value. The World Bunco Association provides users with a complete list of in-depth rules on WorldBunco.com.

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The 12 Bunco players divide into three tables of four, and each table divides into two opposing teams. One table should be designated as the "head." Gameplay consists of six rounds, and players score points by rolling numbers that correspond to the round they are currently in. For example, during round one players need to roll dice with one dot facing up. At the start of each round, one player from each table rolls three dice and receives a point every time she rolls the desired number.

Three of a kind is worth five points, and three of the correct number is called a Bunco and is worth 21 points. The player continues to roll until none of the dice show the number. The dice are then passed to the left, and play continues as normal. When a team from the head table reaches 21 points, all players stop rolling, and each table determines which team won by adding up their points. Players may then decide to shift tables according to a certain formula, and gameplay proceeds to the next round.

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