What Are Some Office Pranks That Won't Get You Fired?

office-pranks-won-t-fired Credit: Ryan McVay/the Image Bank/Getty Images

While each workplace may have its own culture and set of rules regarding pranks, there are some pranks, such as cubicle decorating, that are less mean spirited than others. These nicer pranks might not lead to formal disciplinary action.

  • Cubicle Filling or Decor
  • Decorating or otherwise changing the look of a coworker's cubicle in a way that doesn't cause damage to company property may be a safe way to go. Filling the cube with something soft such as balloons or decorating it with themed children's birthday party supplies could do the trick.

  • Bathroom Humor
  • There are products that will allow users to generate fart noises across distances using a remote control. This may be a prank best left to laid-back workplaces, but placing a remote-operated fart noise machine in the office bathroom could generate some laughs.

  • False Promises
  • One way to gently mess with coworkers is to promise baked goods like cookies or donuts only to deliver a completely empty box. Those who don't want to disappoint their coworkers too much could eventually produce some tasty baked goods.

  • Internet Meme Pranks
  • Mining the Internet for tried-and-true pranks such as RickRolling can be a fun and not terribly disruptive way to mess with coworkers. Replacing a supposedly important email attachment with a jokey video isn't very mean spirited, either.

  • Keyboard Rearrangement
  • Some keyboards have keys that pop off without causing any permanent damage, allowing office pranksters to rearrange their coworker's keyboards. Those who want to be nice about it may want to clean the keyboard once all the keys are off.