How Do You Obtain PE Seeds for "Minecraft"?


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To find seeds for "Minecraft: Pocket Edition," you can either ask other users for their favorite seeds or search websites devoted to them such as Epicminecraftpeseeds.com. Once a seed is chosen, it can simply be copied and pasted into the "Minecraft" Create a World console.

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In the game of "Minecraft," the term "seed" refers to a string of characters used to create the current world. By creating a new world with a specific seed, you can control the environment that you spawn in. "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" differs from the PC/Mac version of the game, so its seeds are unique and not compatible with other versions. Each update to the game also risks making all previous seeds incompatible, meaning users have to begin again with new seeds.

Epic Minecraft PE Seeds rated Infinite Seed: Mosquito as its top pick for Best Minecraft PE Seeds - June 2015. Infinite Seed: Final and Infinite Seed: Kind won second and third place. Other famous "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" seeds include Infinity, a seed which generates a world with floating islands, and 805967637 which features a well leading to a massive dungeon.

To view a world's current seed, type the command /seed. In order to use a new seed, a new game must be created with previous progress lost.

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