What Is the Objective of the Mindjolt "Bricks Breaking" Game?

The objective of the Mindjolt game "Bricks Breaking" is to remove all the colored blocks from the screen and obtain the highest score possible. This is done by clicking on a section of two or more blocks with the same color.

At the start of each level, a 15-by-15 grid of red, blue and yellow blocks is displayed on the screen. The blocks are randomly arranged so that there are large and small sections of the same color interspersed with sections of another color. When the player clicks on an area where two or more of the same color are touching, all of the blocks of that color that touch are removed. The remaining blocks then shift down and to the center to account for the decreased space, forming new color configurations.

If the player is unable to click on an area with at least two bricks of the same color, she can use one of a limited number of Magic Wands to remove a single brick. At the start of the game, the player only has five Magic Wands, which do not refresh at the start of a new level. The player needs to strategically remove sections in order to preserve the Magic Wands and progress as far as possible.