What Is the Objective of Coolmath's "IQ Ball" Game?

What Is the Objective of Coolmath's "IQ Ball" Game?

The objective of Coolmath's "IQ Ball" game is to move the main character, a purple critter called an IQ Ball, to the red bull's-eye target. The IQ Ball has a grabber, which the player shoots by clicking the left mouse button.

The IQ Ball's grabber has a purple target that the player uses to aim it. He controls the target by moving the cursor. When he clicks and holds the mouse button, the grabber extends. It continues extending until the player releases the button or the grabber reaches its maximum distance.

The game has 25 levels. Each level has different items the player must use to reach the target. Certain levels also have obstacles. The game tracks the amount of clicks a player uses during each level, and it assigns an IQ rating after each level is completed based on the number of clicks it took him.

The first level is a tutorial level that explains the mechanics of the game. In certain levels, the target can be moved if the player uses the grabber on it. In others, the target is stuck in a certain location, and the player must use the grabber to pull the character to it. One level has multiple targets, yet there is only one correct target. Certain levels have moving obstacles that make the level impossible to complete if the player doesn't perform specific actions in time.

After the game is completed, the game displays a message congratulating the player.