What Is the Objective of "Bob the Robber 2"?


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The primary objective of "Bob the Robber 2" is to steal particular items and escape the building while holding the stolen items. The player must avoid security cameras and guards to reach the goal successfully.

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"Bob the Robber 2" is a stealth-based game that features challenges such as picking locks and deactivating lasers. It has 10 levels compared to the prequel, which had only five levels. The game allows users to purchase upgrades for higher chances of beating each level. Players gain access to a mini-game whenever they tinker with the electrical box or pick a lock.

When a player hits a guard, the game shows a timer to let the him know when the guard awakens. "Bob the Robber 2" has nearly the same amount of difficulty as the original game and requires players to use fast reflexes and deft techniques to win levels, according to Jay Is Games. Players can opt to hurdle all obstacles quickly or tackle challenges in a patient manner.

"Bob the Robber 2" also boasts enhanced graphics and toned down music. Players can use the arrow or WASD keys to move around and press the space bar to hit guards. They can also take advantage of three upgrade slots to help with stealing the required items. Several arrows point toward the goal to guide players.

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