What Are the Notes on the Bass Guitar Fretboard?


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The notes on the bass guitar fretboard are the notes A to G. There are seven notes, which repeat in various locations in different octaves up and down the neck of a four-string bass.

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What Are the Notes on the Bass Guitar Fretboard?
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The notes on the fretboard are separated normally by two full frets also called a full step. There are two exceptions on each string and those are the E-F and B-C notes. These are located at different locations along each string, but will always be separated by only a half space or one fret apart. Learning the fourth and third string on the bass first will make learning the other two easier.

The third and fourth strings are called open strings. The fourth string has the lowest sound and the first string has the highest notes. The fourth string is the string that is closes to the ceiling when using the bass right handed. Right handed means that the right hand is strumming the strings, while the left hand is working the notes on the neck. The fourth string is called the E string while the third string is the A string. In addition to the natural A through G notes, there are also sharp and flat notes to learn. The sharp and flat notes generally occur in the empty spaces of the natural notes.

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