What Are Some Notable BMX and Skateboarding Games?


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Notable BMX and skateboarding games include ?Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater,? ?Matt Hoffman?s Pro BMX? and ?Skate,? according to Red Bull. These popular extreme sports games all received strong reviews and praise from gamers.

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?Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater? was a revolutionary title in the skateboarding genre, gaining a level of popularity never before seen by an extreme sports title. The game?s innovative freestyle trick system allows users to grind, manual, jump and perform vertical tricks with a level of freedom that was extremely influential. Huge, open levels, a cast of all-star pro skaters and a variety of secrets and extras all make ?Tony Hawk? the gold standard for skate games.

Fresh off the success of ?Tony Hawk,? publisher Activision attempted to recreate its successful formula in the world of BMX, with ?Matt Hoffman?s Pro BMX.? The game is essentially a ?Tony Hawk? clone that swaps in bikes for skateboards, but the formula works just as well. Choosing from a variety of BMX pros, players explore large open levels and string tricks together to gain points.

Released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, ?Skate? was a competitor to the ?Tony Hawk? franchise. The game distinguishes itself with more realistic gameplay, including a control system that has players flick the analogue sticks of the controllers to maneuver the skateboards. The game?s refreshing mechanics and unique physics system made it more popular that competing ?Tony Hawk? titles of the time.

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