Does the Nikon D3000 Have Live View?

The Nikon D3000's 3-inch LCD monitor does not offer Live View. However, the Nikon D5000, another entry-level DSLR from Nikon, does include Live View equipped with contrast detect autofocus.

Like other single lens reflex cameras, DSLRs use a system of lenses, mirrors and prisms so users can see what the lens sees through the viewfinder. Live View displays the same image on the camera's LCD screen, giving photographers the benefit of a bigger image to aid in composition.

Introduced in 2009, the Nikon D3000 does not include Live View or video recording. However, the 10-megapixel DX camera does include other useful features including image sensor cleaning, an ISO range from 100 to 1600 and 11 area TTL, or through-the-lens, autofocus.