What are some of the newest Pokemon?


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Some of the newest Pok��mon include Diancie and Hoopa as of December 2015. These two Pok��mon are numbers 719 and 720 in the Pok��dex respectively, making their first appearances in ���Pok��mon X��� and ���Pok��mon Y,��� which were the fourth generation of Pok��mon games.

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In the Pok��mon world, Diancie is a transformation of Carbink, but Carbink doesn't naturally evolve into Diancie. The glimmering pink body of Diancie is one of the loveliest sights in the Pok��mon universe, according to Nintendo's official Pok��mon website. It is a rock- and fairy-type Pok��mon, so it is weak to steel, water and grass types. Diancie weighs 19.4 pounds and stands 2 feet 4 inches high.

Hoopa is a psychic- and ghost-type Pok��mon and is said to have a huge amount of power in its true form. Legends of the Pok��mon tell of it carrying off an entire castle so that it could gain access to the treasure hidden within. This Pok��mon is weak to ghost and dark Pok��mon. It weighs 19.8 pounds and measures 1 foot 8 inches tall.

Fairy-type Pok��mon are relatively new. The Pok��mon Company first introduced them in ���Pok��mon X��� and ���Pok��mon Y.��� As of 2015, this was the newest Pok��mon type released since the developer introduced dark and steel types in ���Pok��mon Gold��� and ���Pok��mon Silver.���

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